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Here are some examples of my work.


  • Membership website
  • Video editing of training materials (over 100 videos)
  • Course development ( 6 courses)

I created this membership website as a platform to distribute Mediamerge’s educational video resources for teacher training and development. I have edited more than 100 lessons on the site, which comprises the majority of the content.

This website allows schools to subscribe to Mediamerge video resources and give their staff and/or students access to their own account. Depending on the subscription type, members have access to different content. They have the flexibility of purchasing one or multiple memberships.

Altrad’s iPlan Mobile eLearning Website

  • Created the eLearning website
  • Video production and editing of training materials
  • Course development

This was a pilot project. I produced this eLearning website to train Altrad’s staff on how to use the iPlan software as part of their job. The course includes video training, documents, screen grabs and quizzes.

I created the initial scripts based on existing recorded video training sessions and worked with consultants to fine-tune the content.

As this is an internal eLearning website, I cannot share the actual videos or give access but here is the website link anyway.

Artisan Structures

  • Website
  • Video editing 

I redesigned the Artisan Structures website to show off their amazing craft. The new website utilises their extensive library of photos and CAD drawings. We have produced project videos which are included on their website and social media. I have edited a selection of project videos including the video header featured on their website.



  • Website
  • Video editing 

I was responsible for the initial design of the Mediamerge website and the designs that evolved over time. Additionally, I edited the corporate video and the video that features in the homepage header.

North cambridge community partnership (nccp)

  • Website
  • Brand design
  • CMS training (WordPress)

I was given full control to design the new NCCP website and I based its style and theme on their new logo and their vision statement. The site exceeded their expectations.


Here are some videos I’ve edited.


Here are other websites I have created. I have included some sites that are no longer live or have changed considerably but they show a wider spectrum of my skills.



I am based in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire