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A shopping cart selling CPD resources to schools and education establishments.

This shopping cart was created to sell Mediamerge’s large collection of training and development resources to the education market.
From the previous cart, we noticed that users were often confused which resulted in many queries and orders made over the phone. Our data also showed that a lot of users were abandoning their transaction half way. All these issues were addressed with this new shopping cart, from functionality, user experience/journey and simplicity of the transactions.
I re-designed the Mediamerge shopping cart using CS-Cart. I chose this cart as a selling platform as it was compatible with different devices, was flexible and robust, easy to update, visual, offered different payment facility and allow good SEO functionality.
This new shopping cart was so successful, the online sales increased by more than 50% soon after its launch.
An example of the requirements which I set up was the ability to allow users to check out without a credit card and use a purchase order number, a very common procurement method in schools.
I also make sure that the site is at the top of search engine ranking, I set-up promotions and banners.


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