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These are some of the other websites I have worked on. I have included sites that are no longer live or have changed considerably but they show a wider spectrum of my skills.

North Cambridge Community Partnership (NCCP) website

I was given full control to design the new NCCP website and I based its style and theme on their new logo and their vision statement. The site exceeded their expectations.
Designed in WordPress.


I re-designed the static website which I initially created 8 years ago. I set-up the structure, updated the assets and included new services offered by Mediamerge. Designed in WordPress.

Cambridge Building & Everroof

Cambridge Building

Cambridge Building limited was once part of Everroof and they needed their own new site to promote their extensive  services. Designed in WordPress.


Following the new design of the Cambridge building website, Everoof approached us to also design their site with a fresh look. Designed in WordPress.



I re-designed and optimised this static website with a fresh look in 2012 and even though it is not a responsive site, fully accessible (over a lack of funding), the reason I have added it to my collection is due to its successful search engine ranking and popularity. It has had over 1.5 million visitors to date and it is well-known in the education sector.


I managed the redevelopment of the company’s website, from website structure, copywriting and SEO and built it using DNN, a web content management system based on Microsoft .NET. I provided staff training on how to use the new CMS, how to write for the web and strategies on keeping the information up to date. I kept an eye on the site’s performance and our competitors and produced an action plan for necessary improvements.
I managed the team that had to build this site in various international countries where Cambridge Education had a big market share which included US, Thailand, Romania and China.



I built the website in DNN, a web content management system based on Microsoft .NET. I was in charge of the site’s ranking and led a team to perform any improvements necessary. As the site was initially not performing well, one of my reports resulted in a complete rewrite of the site’s content with positive results.


I was asked to compile a competitors analysis report which resulted in the website’s redevelopment as the site was not performing as it should. I re-designed their website using DNN. I provide staff training at their London office on how to use their new CMS, how to write for the web and introduced them to some SEO techniques.


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