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I created this video membership website as a new selling platform to distribute Mediamerge’s educational video resources.

This website allows schools to subscribe to Mediamerge video resources. Depending on the subscription type, members have access to different content. They have the flexibility of purchasing one or multiple memberships.
To add value to the subscription, there is a free member only area where subscribers have access to video clips of experts from the education sector.
I built this website using WordPress and Memberpress.
I chose WordPress as it is versatile, responsive, easy to manage, search engine friendly and can handle different media types which is what I needed for this project. The choice of available plugins was also a deciding factor as it allowed me to select Memberpress as my membership platform. This plugin provided all the functionalities I needed at the time. Another important criteria was to offer invoice payment as a payment option for schools, and Memberpress allowed this.
The content pages feature a large width video that can be fully maximised. Links to relevant documentation to support members’ training/learning is available on the same page.



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